Why Choose Eclipse?

The full weight of your office phone system and collaboration tools at the touch of a button.

Eclipse UC is the largest locally hosted Cloud telephony solution, which is hosted, secured and supported in Australia. Managed by a dedicated team of engineers and service provider partners, Eclipse UC is committed to equipping our users with a complete solution, providing state-of-the-art software, reliability, redundancy measures and thus, peace of mind. With our range of business applications, we strive to enable our users to fully optimise the features and services to achieve the most out of the way we communicate with customers.

Australian Hosted
Infinitely Scalable
Locally Supported
Future Proofed

Scale your business up or down with the flexibility of a fully cloud-based phone system.  Access all of your business communication requirements from anywhere on any device. Connect to multiple ERP and CRM solutions for seamless business continuity, Set up switchboard and reception functionality to ensure a professional front of house are just a few of our advanced features.

Eclipse UC provides turn-key Unified Communications solutions enabling enterprises of all sizes to deliver on their bespoke communication requirements.  Our solutions are in service with thousands of business customers globally with more than 2.7 million active users, who benefit from our tried and tested industry-leading UC technology. With multiple Telephony and UC industry awards to back up our technology, we encourage you to trial our solution today - You will not be disappointed!

Where we add value:

Meet Dan

Persona 1Persona 1
About Dan
Dan is an important man and has a big team answering the majority of his calls.  When a call does reach him it must be important.  Dan does the majority of his communication over video meetings and likes the ability to meet on his mobile or laptop.  He doesn't mind taking the odd call from his desk, but it shouldn’t waste his time!
Where Dan Gains Value
• Screen and document share.
• Leave the conference while allowing other participants to continue.
• Bar calls that are not from known associates.
• Answer his office phone from anywhere in the world.
• Control presence status.
• Automatically set call-answering to his reception or voicemail.
• Schedule video meetings with members of his enterprise.
Dan's Choice
Position: Executive/CEO
Workplace: Home & Office
Licence: Eclipse Executive
Deskphone: Yealink T57W
Additional Hardware:
Yealink BH72 Lite

Meet Sally
Hybrid Professional

Persona 1Persona 1
About Sally
Sally leads a busy life managing a sales team. She’s on the road and between meetings. She has dozens of calls daily all as equally important as the next.  Sally leverages the Eclipse UC on her mobile, Desktop and handset.
Where Sally Gains Value
· Ensure all calls are answered
· Set forwarding rules when in meetings.
· Answer calls hands-free when driving.
· Listen to voicemails from any device or receive an email with voicemails.
· Handover calls from her desktop phone to her mobile seamlessly.
· Instant Message her team while on calls.
· Screen Calls to ensure no time is wasted.
Sally's Choice
Position: Sales Lead
Workplace: Home/Office/Road
Licence: Eclipse Standard
Deskphone: Yealink T33G
Additional Hardware:
Yealink BH72 Pro-Wireless Head

Meet Andrew
Desk Worker

Persona 1Persona 1
About Andrew
Andrew’s job requires him to work from his desk at the office.  Andrew prefers more traditional lines of communication and has an IP handset connected to his Eclipse UC client.  Andrew loves the way the handsets respond to his communication requirements.
Where Andrew Gains Value
· Check Busy Light Field buttons when colleagues are on other calls.
· Put calls on hold and transfer through the handset.
· Engage the speaker phone button to allow hands-free communication.
· Set an away attendant with a predetermined key code.
· Get notifications of missed calls and what external numbers are called.
· Control the volume of the handpiece from the handset itself.
Andrews's Choice
Position: Accountant
Workplace: Full Time Office
Licence: Eclipse Enterprise
Deskphone: Yealink T54W
Additional Hardware:
Yealink BH72 Pro-Wireless Head

Meet Rebecca

Persona 1Persona 1
About Rebecca
Rebecca is tech savvy and a has crucial role answer calls and scheduling appointments at the local medical practice.  The crucial role she plays means she must be able to work remotely or from several different practises when required. Rebecca leverages the Softphone function as her primary device with a headset as her communication tool and all the switchboard functionality:
Where Rebecca Gains Value
· She is able to manage the inbound call flow.
· View multiple contacts and share contacts.
· See which doctors are available to take health calls.
· Integrate into the practice booking and scheduling platform.
· Redirect and add users to audio calls.
· Assign presence status of health care professionals.
· Update and manage customers contact information.
· Operate the switchboard functionality from her mobile phone
Rebeccas's Choice
Position: Healthcare Receptionist
Workplace: 3 Days Home, 2 Days Office
Licence: Eclipse Essential
Deskphone: Yealink T53W
Additional Hardware:
Reception Console, Stereo Headset

Meet David
Call Centre Supervisor

Persona 1Persona 1
About David
David manages 37 contact centre agents for a popular retail chain.  Most of the calls are from customers looking to return items and they can get very irate and want the issues resolved as soon as possible.  Luckily David has a powerful tool in the Eclipse Contact Centre Supervisor solution:
Where David Gains Value
· Web-based application to ensure uptime and availability.
· Access call recordings and browsing.
· Barge into agent calls or pause agent calls.
· Assign agents to busier incoming call flows and ACD groups.
· Drag and drop agents to assist with calls.
· Monitor wall boards and dashboards.
· Access real-time reporting.
David's Choice
Position: Retail Call Centre Supervisor
Workplace: 4 Days Home, 1 Days Office
Licence: Eclipse Executive
Deskphone: Yealink T57W
Additional Hardware:
Yealink WH66 Headset

Meet Lee
Emergency Worker

Persona 1Persona 1
About Lee
Lee has customers right around the metro.  His service offers 24/7 call-outs 7 days a week. His phone is always by his side. Having multi-device support means Lee can be contacted and get in contact with his team wherever he is. Other benefits that assist Lee to include:
Where Lee Gains Value
· Seamless switching between GSM and Wifi calling when in big buildings.
· Push notifications allow only critical interruptions and don’t drain battery life.
· Forwarding rules to other team members when busy.
· Select Caller ID to call from a Fixed, Mobile or business number.
· Instant message allowing for quick updates, and document sharing with colleagues.
· At a glance, Lee can check ACD groups and how many emergency calls his business is receiving.
Lee's Choice
Position: 24/7 Plumbing service.
Workplace: None stop 24/7, 7 days a week.
Licence: Eclipse Enterprise
Mobile: Android Device
Additional Hardware:
Yealink BH72 Lite